Evelyn Cirignotta Photography
Evelyn Cirignotta Photography
Evelyn Cirignotta Photography provides documentary, lifestyle, and portrait photography with an emphasis on emotive family imagery.



Photography that stirs the soul


I love that pictures have the ability to freeze moments and allow us to experience those emotions all over again. I want you to be drawn in by your images in a way that stirs your soul. Through photos we are able to tell a story, not just of the highlights of our lives, but the every day moments that make us who we are. 


I want to remember how I felt while I rocked my baby to sleep every night,

when my kids' favorite thing to do was to build forts and play dress up, 

how deeply and effortlessly I love my family, 

that adorable little swirl of hair on my son's  forehead,

and the swell of joy I experienced when my kids would snuggle on the baby,

This is the story I want to hold onto forever.


I want your story to evoke these feelings of love, connection, and passion that we all desire. I want your soul to be moved. 








Evelyn Cirignotta is a professional portrait, lifestyle, and documentary photographer based in Spokane, WA. she specializes in emotive family imagery. 

You know those super special nostalgic photos you have of your mom holding you and by just looking at them you get the warmest of fuzzies? Nailed it.
— Megan Standley